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An in-depth interview with WHYY's Radio Times on Stolen World and smugglers. 

Listen to my talk with Radio Times' Marty Moss-Coane about reptile collecting and the reptile smugglers in Stolen World, in all their clever and not-so-clever moments.  


Laura Miller of calls Stolen World a "real-life Elmore Leonard novel." 

Any work of nonfiction that contains the sentence "He boarded a plane to Stuttgart with a Tasmanian devil in his hand luggage" is a title worth attending to, but when the man with the carnivorous marsupial in his carry-on is merely a supporting character — and not the most interesting one at that — it's time to cancel your dinner date and take the phone off the hook. Jennie Erin Smith's Stolen World: A Tale of Reptiles, Smugglers and Skulduggery is a book that fully justifies such measures, a flabbergasting chronicle of atrocious behavior, foolhardy schemes and dangerous animals that reads like a real-life Elmore Leonard novel. (And yes, a lot of it takes place in Florida.)Read More


A live interview with Urban Jungles Radio, the insiders' forum


Listen to the whole broadcast, and/or check out the promo below:



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